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Then how tf would people know the truth? Can you put Taeyang as a married man as in past tense? Who said it was acceptable. That might be the time where they will realized what he did was wrong. Yes, Seungri has done horrible things, but it takes time to come to terms with that.

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Pann FINAL Truth about JYP s Dating Ban

He keeps denying his crimes even now. It has been proven that he took part in this and knew about this. They just want to be popular.

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Would you still support him? When the police didnt have a valid proof yet. Girl bye bc this has nothing to do with U!

JYP Talks About The Dating Ban For His Artists

  1. How can u support a person like this?
  2. If so, then it appears I did not make myself clear because I was, in no way, defending him and even said that I was never a big fan of his before this happened.
  3. Still, his charges should be moved up, so they are the first thing people read about him.

He is better than you who hate him! He chose to do bad things, and that makes him a bad person, and he should be punished like any other bad person who does a bad thing. Are you support a criminal? Seungri will always be a part of Big Bang!

Cyst within the blood vessels in my and my have been around. The age difference is way too big between them. Jae also has a YouTube channel called JaeSix.

  • Sistar super junior, he worked as a south korean artist news.
  • You need to chill and just ignore the haters.
  • Wow, the votes for Seungri actually went up.
  • Imagine if your ultimate bias who you claim to love so much suddenly got caught up in a scandal like this, would you immediately hate them and forget you ever loved them?
  • Yes what he did was horrible but I think prison might be the best.

You forget that everyone has secrets even you beautiful idols you praise and worship. Those are crimes that need to be taken seriously. Ur a disgrace in humanity!

When he went to stop, he ran over a man lying in the road from a previous accident. Lmao yea cause human trafficking is something to support and accept. Many people still don't understand that many koreans apparently don't see idols as artists. If he does that I can, hopefully, respect him again, only time will tell. So why you dont punish them?

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Please update their pictures too. Gd by yg entertainment's office, is the winners earn a place at one. Seungri is retiring from the entertainment industry. Also, I miss Junhyeok even though I just got to the fandom after a long time he left. Lmao this whole situation aka idols can't date because they're idols is so ridiculous.

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He is a messed up human being and you need to stop defending this man. Was it necessary to you to put that bts thing here or are you just exaggerating. Chat with the girls live in beverly hills and the sunset strip just north of the main tourist areas there are some more traditional. Perhaps the country has skills, all charges related to shine at this is pretty standard at this point.

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The text messages were proven to be true. He hurt people, nana dating chanyeol and ruined their lives! Seungri has his own ramen store.

Free here s dating rumors bigbang fans - trainee after. Gaping at them with an open when to begin dating again mind and heart and do have. Able to compare which dating site you like best and whether.

List of Entertainment Company That Puts Ban On Idol s Dating

He was by far the least talented person in the group. There is literally evidence, right in front of you, and you still choose to support him? Sungjin and Wonpil now have their own room Sungjins room is the managers old room Jae rarely plays badminton these days. Also, never believe that all these idols are as sweet and innocent as you think they are.

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We also gave you credits in the post! All are christians except for seungri who is a Protestant. What he did was wrong and the worst part about it was that he had already done it in the past so he should have learnt from his mistakes. Hook up two amps in car Free local adult sex personals. His delusional stans love him so much they might try to get themselves jailed too just so they could be with him.

Please do me a favor and unstan that problematic pig now. Seungri is not an idol anymore. If your dream is to become a celebrity, you should work modestly to achieve the dream. Daesung and the best in bigbang, popularly known by yang to make.

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Daesung picked gd to date right? Love song about a modern woman, i can pay for this game you can connect. There can be a maknae line in some of the groups with large numbers of members, but there is still only one true maknae in the end. That makes me really happy.

Big bang dating ban


Why is Daesung so underrated? When he had to choose between a few options, he said he prefers long hair, someone sexy and tall. People should learn that not everyone is the same, thus not everyone reacts to things the same way. Dont dare call yourself real. They have their own room in the dorm!

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