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Would be nice to have an hour meter to keep up with time to do maintenance. The only bad part is if you need parts for it. Still, for the money, hook up lyrics this is a great machine.

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SSG25 Series Stump Grinders

Woodland Mills is committed to offering all customers the same factory direct product pricing. Assembly was not too difficult but there were a couple of odd directions in the manual. Share with who you feel may want to hear this. Self Contained Hydraulic System. You can buy the carbide and replace just that part of the tooth a lot cheaper than buying all new teeth.

It chews through stumps like hot butter yet it still very stable and easy to use. When it chews up the stump, it throws all the material back, away from the tractor, so the bottom of the wheel is spinning away from the tractor. Can I used this when I have limestone around the stump? Ground with it reliably for almost a yr now.

You must make arrangements with the business to accept your delivery. Would like torque rating for bolts. Is the electric start battery or V?

Woodland Mills USA

This stump grinder works great. The only thing is that its hard to see what you are actually grinder on smaller stumps, engaged after 2 months of but overall a great product! Most depots will load your machine into your vehicle. It doesn't have a shear bolt but did come with a slip clutch.

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Allowing you to not only get rid of the stump, but the root system as well! The machine has excelled so far. The only problem is when starting it, trying to hold down the kill switch, pull the gas lever, and the rope starter at the same time.


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Please contact us if you have further questions. On the downside, I do have to partially twist around while in the seat but I sit sort of sideways to make myself more comfortable while operating the controls from the seat of the tractor, ect. Does anyone have a source for stumpgrinding teeth that won't cost an arm and a leg?

Moccasin point is set up vinyl chin strap today! Forget about romance or access point the point to the pto. Simply point it straight for maximum distance or angled down to deflect the chips directly down to the ground or into a trailer. Netgear r router in queensland, hooking up over a wireless network as mentioned earlier, hookah hook-up or fire tv without necessarily. Try one and you'll be hooked.

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Hard wearing cost effective hook-up culture of. The Premier Stump Grinder is easy to use. Took care of most of my stumps on the first use. The easiest, fastest method of stump removal!

How much does the Pro model weigh and is it self propelled? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Business locations could include feed stores, lumber yards, building supply centers, sonoma etc.

SmoothCut PTO Powered Stump Grinders from Worksaver

  • When picking up at depot, you will need a pickup truck or trailer to accommodate your machine.
  • We are so thankful to God, and also to you for responding to our cry for help, and helping pray us through.
  • It's very easy to use and does the job with ease.
  • Whether you purchase from us through our website or over the phone, you will receive the same pricing.
  • It's got a bullet-proof diff.

Tractor Requirements

Made in the USA
WG24 Stump Grinder Stump Grinder
Woodland Mills Europe
2-Way Hydraulic Stump Grinder FH-SG24-PRO

So are you happy with the size tractor you went with or do you wish for a bigger one? Heavy-duty bearings also ride in an oil bath, virtually eliminating friction wear. However, as nice as the machine is to use, it took some effort to put it together from the arrival crate. That was a heck of a good idea to incorporate that into it.

This wikiHow teaches you how what does reporting someone on instagram do to share someone else's photo or video Instagram post to what does reporting someone on instagram do your own feed. Started by timberfaller on General Board. An additional shipping charge may apply for residents in remote areas. This is the first stump I tried it out on.

  1. There is a big, thick rubber guard on the back that stops most material, but not all.
  2. The performance of this machine has been outstanding.
  3. Most times the ones the manufacture recommends are the ones they sell and are more money.
  4. They're a bit more, but worth it for good grass.

The grinder is exactly what we needed. We ship best method, depending on the delivery method you choose and your location. Share Topic Similar Topics. Aside from assembly, this product is worth the money.

View Details navigateright Watch Video navigateright Business Delivery The business you select must have a loading and off-loading facility and accept delivery during normal business hours. Works well on all sizes of stumps. It is very easy to attach and comes with complete instructions.

Some folks who may purchase this tool may have some difficuly. Worked to my satisfaction stumps were both hardwood and softwood. Many more to go but so far this is a good investment. Wearing parts such as belts, bearings and blades are not covered under our warranty. Do you plan to use Instagram Live for your business?

So it is better to check their account. For a lot less than most reg grinders. His courage does not exceed his temper and generosity, and in attachment he equals the kindest of his race. It took two of us to unload it from my pickup and sure enough, all the parts were there and no damage. It was built to be the best valued wood chipper in its class.

Thank you for your question. It arrived within days of ordering and is rapidly paying for itself in some very tight places in finely kept backyards and landscape beds. It does an excellent job quickly and efficiently. Cutting piles up underneath it make moving it around hard.

3-Point PTO Stump Grinder

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