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Bechstein Concert Catalog Japanese. Bechstein Academy Catalog English profile. Bechstein D Concert Grand Piano. The pianos are built of superb materials, and are favorably priced compared to some of their competitors.

The smallest one, model A has an unusually wide tail which accommodates a larger soundboard area and longer bass strings than usual for a baby grand. With its dream touch and finest sound diffusion, this model is probably the best professional piano worldwide. Photographs will not be of any help, either. Hoffmann or Zimmermann piano, cypriot greek simply click on one of the links below.

C. Bechstein Pianos -- Company History -- Serial Number Search

On a Steinway upright, the serial number is located just to the left of the tuning pins. Other finishes C Wonderful power and dynamics. Thank you for helping us find our piano. Great sound, color, timbre, reviews responsiveness and balance.

Steinway Piano Serial Numbers

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How old is my Bechstein

Increasingly Fazioli is taking center stage, chosen by pianists for competitions, concerts and personal enjoyment. The standard for pros and your own music room. Professional perfection in compact format. Essentially there is no limit to the imaginative touches available.

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Bechstein uprights have been leaders on the high-end market from the beginning. Steingraeber pianos have a unique sound, and an extensive tonal palette with a mix of clarity and warmth. All Toggle Dropdown Upright Grand piano. For generations it was a family run business until when a majority interest was sold to Parsons Music Group in Hong Kong Grotrian remains a Braunschweig, Germany product. Some extremely unusual models have been created.

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Liszt had destroyed every other piano set before him and was unable to destroy this one no matter how hard he played it. Each of them is cherished, belongs to a family and is handed down from one generation to the next. If your doubts regarding the authenticity or completeness of the number prove founded, hitwe dating app there is no way to determine the year the piano was manufactured.

Steinway & Sons Serial Numbers

Excellent list and write up. The serial number on a Steinway piano are commonly found embossed onto the frame located close to the tuning pins. The construction process creates a very durable and rigid framework that also contributes to the power of its sound. Zimmermann Catalog English.

There is no doubt that this manufacturer has surpassed the best of the best. The remarkable beauty and versatility of warm wood inlays and mother of pearl, above is just one striking option. Carl Bechstein, the company founder, already had a similar approach aimed at continuously boosting the growth of the enterprise. The tenor is darker than many other pianos, with a powerful bass.

This model is only available to the trade. Grotrian pianos are endorsed and appreciated by many famous pianists. The action is light, but responsive. Please send me the catalog to this address. By the s, the Steinway piano was already in most ways the modern piano we have today, and in the next generation the standards set by the founder were strictly followed.

Bechstein Serial Numbers
How old is my Bechstein

Yamaha maintains Bosendorfer as a totally separate business and has promised to make no changes to the location or methods of production. They come apart for moving. Bechstein upright and grand pianos.

Where can I find the serial number? Moreover, best dating the commitment of the piano-makers and their love of detail augment this quest for excellence. The perfect action renders every nuance. Painting the soundboard a different color is also a discreet way to make the piano uniquely yours.

C. Bechstein Concert

That being said, when a dealer has properly done his work, Steinway pianos can be absolutely excellent. Sauter pianos are famous for the variety of finishes and styles in which they are available, many with intricate detail and inlay work. Highly differentiated voice.

  1. Dealers in Germany Pianohaus A.
  2. In older pianos, the serial number might be located on the inner face of the case, next to the action assembly.
  3. Several exceptionally magnificent instruments were made at the C.
  4. Traditional ebony polish can be customized by adding contrasting woods or an inscription.

Serial Numbers - Piano Age

As a pianist and teacher I was looking in for a concert instrument to be housed in our local church, for recitals. Balanced voice with powerful bass and rich treble. As a rule, we handle these requests personally, but it is possible that we will transfer your request to the C. Very helpful and amicable staff!

The age of your instrument alone will not tell you much about its actual value. With aliquot stringing, the notes in the highest treble section have four strings each instead of three. The Grotrian Duo is a famous innovation of two grand pianos joined together so they can be played as one instrument.

Serial Numbers - Piano Age

Special models

The Grotrian brand began as a partnership in between Friedrich Grotrian and C. Nonetheless, its personal history may get lost. The black figures of the serial number are usually visible on the cast iron frame, next to the tuning pins.

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  • If you know the serial number and just want to know the age of your C.
  • Shigeru Kawai is the dream product of Shigeru, the son of company founder, Koichi Kawai.
  • Bechstein instruments are the ne plus ultra of upright and grand pianos.
  • Zimmermann Catalog Italian.
  • Euro Pianos Naples is a respected distributor of European luxury musical instruments.

Finding Your Serial Number

Please see our stocklists. We eventually settled on a Welmar Fine English upright piano, which has an elegant look and beautiful sound. Beautiful case with brass inlays on the legs. Some of these patents created a stronger frame, a richer sound, and a more sensitive action. Producing approximately verticals and grand pianos each year, Sauter factory is situated at the foot of the Alps.

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