Dating parker vacumatic pens, parker s date coding systems

Parker Vacumatic Dating Codes
  • Scattered light marks to plastic.
  • When you see one clean, it all makes sense.
  • Very fine point, nice note taker.
  • Actually, less than half of the pens seem to have any markings at all, and those that do, all have a datecode.
  • Cap silver does show some desk wear, but not enough to detract from the look of this pen.

Parker s Date Coding Systems

It should be noted that dating a pen by the nib can be very innacurate, as it is the most often replaced part on a pen. By the end of the depression, the field was dominated by four companies, in order of size, Parker, Sheaffer, Waterman, and Eversharp. That year, Parker spent almost half of the money that went to advertise pens in the United States. Probably an experiment by Parker, most likely given to employees to test.

Parker Vacumatic

Parker Vacumatic Dating Codes - Parker - The Fountain Pen Network

Writes a sweet smooth fine point, the sort I like at the hospital. The typical weak points of this series are not present here. The last of the Vacs, matey. Recall you can explore sales pages by brand as well and see hundreds more pens.

To my eye the tipping is at least double broad. This one is excellent all around. Another identification aid can be the filler unit.

This pen has nice color and clean clip and cap-bands. They often turn up quite worn. The celluloid has nice color, but the barrel no longer is transparent. Quite fine point good for note scribble. The bottom tassie spins if twisted.

This is a quite decent example combining a couple outlier features. Not much barrel clarity left. Includes Sheaffer converter.

The parts are proper, the trim is clean, etc. Minor spots around bottom of cap. Other colors are very hard to locate, and so far I have only seen a handful in gray and cedar blue. These appear about two years after the introduction of the Duofold proper.

Was ink in it, but don't think it was really used. Clean with one or two pin dings. Trim overall quite clean with high point edge brassing and pin dings on the blind cap ring tassie at butt of pen. Laminated Burgundy Pearl shown. White dot is on the top of the cap.

Cap, bodyrings or lever missing or loose. This one is very clean with no brassing, nice color and excellent imprint. No marks, spots or brassing. Couple light use marks here and there on plastic. No brassing, but has a couple light scratches on clip.

From this point on all Vacumatics have the transparent feature. The largest of the Lock-down Vacumatics. Plastic plunger vacumatic filling system restored and working properly.

Actually, somewhat uncommon variant. In the second quarter of this system was however changed to save production time, and a new date code, using a system of dots, was adopted. This Debutante sized Imperial, proper, instant online dating site is not at all bad.

Slowly, i've acquired nearmint mint in some cases nibs and clean feeds, and shuffled the pens over to Ron Zorn to make whole. Most are black or silver pearl, though I have seen one or two Emerald pens along the way. On the whole they are well more scarce than longer standard-girth pens and are not to be confused with slender Debutante, meet me singles dating etc. Plastic surface has minor desk wear commensurate to age of pen.

Archives Vintage - Grandpas Fountain Pens

Often these are found with replacement later smaller Major nibs. Writes a medium wet line with good flex. Note the difference in the size of the cap band. Clarity if anything is underrepresented in the pic.

The Parker Vacumatic

Parker Vacumatic

This one has excellent color and superb barrel clarity. This one is Laque Blue Marble. Although identical in diameter, it was shorter, giving the pen a much better balanced look.

Parker Date-Codes Reference

Production Dating

Barrel ambering is apparent, though not sever. Pen looks clean inside and out. Superb color, chrome trim and transparency. The following codes should be used to establish an overall condition, rather than be taken literally. The chrome-tone trim is well more clean than what is seen typically.

Plating on cap and barrel is very good with only a couple of spots of brassing along the edge of the clip. Inkvue part of section is ambered, but has very good transparency. Nib writes an extra fine line.


Color well better than average for sensitive Silver Pearl. Adjusted for smoothness and flow by Michael Masuyama. Great color and clean plastic.

Vintage Pen Catalog Parker Vacumatics
  1. Trim is superb, with no brassing even to the thin double cap-bands, an at-risk region.
  2. One can find a huge range of models and colors.
  3. Parker Vacumatic fountain pen.
  4. This one is quite clean with no brassing, with excellent transparency, and with excellent imprint.
  5. Earlier pens either were opaque, had longitudinal clarity pattern, or were all-clear Crystal that one exquisitely rare in high-line pens.

Parker Vacumatic

The tapered shell and lack of a step-off allow for very comfortable writing. The were available with either a Lustraloy cap or a Gold Filled cap with converging lines only. Silver Pearl is hard to find clean. There are four different Black finishes. Thin line of brassing along the top and bottom edges of cap and along one side of clip.

Crisp trim, color and clarity. Color is dark and even, but the black under the twist cap is a tad darker than the rest of the pen. Nib has correct early style feather-together arrow and is in superb shape. The pen looks nicer in hand than in photo. Some brassing to bottom tassie.

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