Kpop idol dating ban, would you date a k-pop idol

Would you date a K-Pop Idol

It was the main reason I was so happy for Kai when it was revealed he was dating Krystal. As far as i know dating ban are usually for the first couple years. No one can control when or how they fall in love and who they fall in love with. Do you also think that only heterosexual relationships are okay in South Korea's society and that Idols can only date the opposite sex?

  • He loved those boys and loved what he did.
  • Though I don't support that gross type of behavior because fans do not own idols and shouldn't be given the satisfaction in knowing their idol isn't dating because they have fans.
  • Not focusing on a relationship and also keeping that relationship secret.

Or is this too cruel, are Idols just humans too? You are in no position to be sending such messages to these people who did nothing to you but simply love somebody. Even though I don't even like Taeyeon.

My thoughts idol dating ban

The illusion to a point has to be kept up for the a number of years or least till they make it ahead of the groups they debuted alongside or make themselves reconisable within their industry. This is a good question worth thinking about. My point is, there is too much riding on rookies for it all to go to waste because of one factor. So, to prevent this, a dating ban is used to try and keep interest, draw people in, old draw investment and get money flowing for the beginning of the career.

But it's still not healthy. Why do you have such low hope? It's only put into play for the fact that the members will focus on their group once debuted since they worked hard and need time to work to make their platform in the industry! If one of the members finds someone that they feel like they really love, they could talk to the company about it and have some sort of agreement. But know an idol's breach of contract comes with a punishment.

  1. They have to complete everything necessary with their group and put focus into it, as being in a relationship would be an unhealthy distraction.
  2. Ever wondered why there's so many members in many groups?
  3. Yes, he went against his contract and he was a million percent in the wrong for it.

Why Dating Bans Think About It

Scandals cause discord within the fandom itself rather than outside it. This isn't exclusive to idols though, just any entertainment that needs to sell something to a particular audience. But please know that they deserve that happiness, they deserve to live their lives and be with who they want. When support is lost, a main hit is to the company. Like I said, analytical thinking, knowledge overall, helps your mind grow and become stronger and your arguments, hookup more empowered.

Oh thought of one more, Idol determination and work focus. One reason in particular would be focused on building a fanbase. That's completely understandable! They go through their teenage years without being able to have that connection or experience with another person, dennis and mac setting up they won't be able to grow in that aspect of life.

It's human nature, no one can change it. Yes something bad happened with the relationship that would cause anger from the company. To answer the question, no one really gives a fuck of bans because everyone secretly becomes a rebel. Don't ever ever ever attack or harass whoever they're in a relationship with, and don't harass the idol as well. So its obvious once the potential lover is taken, people walk away.

The K-Pop industry Dating Ban

The Reason Why GOT7 Jackson Supports JYP s Dating Ban Kpopmap
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Just because they're idols and have decided to live a lifestyle of hard work doesn't mean that they deserve a dating ban. Go date they hate and ull suffer in the short and long run. But I'm not a person to quickly judge, especially without knowing anything. And who says that over time that won't lead to a relationship? So we can be happy and they can live their dream.

The girl he dated causes problems. As for me agreeing or diagreeing with the dating bans. When they first able to meet all the groups there are fans of they could get carried away. But I can confirm that since they're under the same label it was ok.

Idol stars cry out over dating ban

List of Entertainment Company That Puts Ban On Idol s Dating

Why must eastern artists go through this? Therefore, they should be able to date freely. Relationships for some in general can be a distraction, And considering the strict training periods and schedule with, you wouldn't want your artist distracted. So I looked into it, and what I found truly broke my heart to pieces. And like any other job, you must have an image, a professional and regulated one.

If you ask me, we can't even ourselves be saying that this ban should be in place, we can't exactly fully agree or disagree with it as our opinions aren't exactly something considered. For the rational fans I don't believe that their ub's dating is going to affect their support for an idol over much, and would more than likely be happy for them. Imagine being in their place. Falling in love is a part of life, its nature!

They continue to work hard, to send their love to us and give us beautiful gifts and music, and they give up feeling something they deserve all for that. Do you think that I'm dating a K-Pop Idol secretly right now and banging her behind your back? Hopefully they have a decent following, know how things work, how to network around and keep your image safe.

But on top of all of that most idols are busy, and the company wants them focusing on making it. Whenever an idol starts to date, there's always going to be a sasaeng that will go absolutely crazy, even to the extremes of harassing who they're dating or even the idol themselves. This ban is enforced in many companies due to the simple fact that idols are what's selling the brand and the group. Yet at the same time there should be some leeway to dating simply because it is a human experience to fall in love, breakups etc.

Why Dating Bans Think About It

But I seriously don't want to support it either because they are human and wanting human companionship is a normal thing. We can't say they should be blocked from a basic human right, a right that literally everyone else, best dating place in including you and other celebrities around the world in fact have. Why is it in the contract in the first place. There are many negatives that comes with balancing a relationship with an idol life when you are a rookie.

My thoughts idol dating ban

K-Pop Dating Ban for K-Pop Idols good or bad

He's so stressed and busy, he needs someone on the sidelines who he can snuggle up to on his worst nights. It should to be done when the time is right, when your job allows it, when you have time, when you have majority of your surroundings figured out. They're giving up a basic human right to live their dream and to make us happy.

Fans of an artist are more keen to stop supporting the artist once their relationship status changes to taken, and some lash out with anger and pure hatred. Western Artists don't have to go through any contract bs! It makes it much easier for a girl or a boy to find a member attractive and find one that they're highly interested in. Having such a busy life, makes dating hard.

The Reason Why GOT7 Jackson Supports JYP s Dating Ban

List of Entertainment Company That Puts Ban On Idol s Dating Kpopmap

There are reason's why the dating ban is understandable for business purposes. If that's not amazing for a person to do, I don't know what is. It's still slightly understandable as to why this ban exists, I'm not saying I agree with the meaning behind it, but it's something a typical market or label would do. Some even as far as to not buy another album until the label fixes it. That's so so sad and so ridiculous.

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