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Invest money after approaching me about a scheme, property, managed fund or business venture Finance and investment frauds come in many forms. Remember this is not a fail-safe way to detect romance scams, but it is a useful tool as many scammers will take these photos offline. Before investing, casual dating advantages do your own research.

Phishing is one of the most common types of scam. One common scam is to list job vacancies where potential employees are promised they can work from home and make easy money. You never see your money or hear from the company again. Scammers also imitate charities that carry out donation campaigns on the streets to trick people into giving money or credit card details.

Figure out if you are being scammed

There are many different types of advance payment and advance fee scams. Scammers offer exciting advantages to get you interested. They deliberately overpay you for something, then ask you to refund them the overpaid amount. Event ticket scams happen when tickets to an event are purchased from an individual for example, on social media or through a third party ticket resale website.

You can report the incident to the Police, but it is very likely the scammer is operating from a country overseas. Facebook Twitter Email We've done the research so you don't have to. They may start by requesting small sums of money to test the waters, and then build up to requesting larger amounts. Affinity scams or romance scams rely on your good nature to build a relationship before asking for money or involving you in crime without your knowledge.

They use this information to build your trust. Webcam blackmail and sextortion has evolved as a new way to blackmail people online. Scammers spread malware by sending links to the contact list of a compromised account.

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Finance and investment frauds come in many forms. In addition, you can report spam messages unsolicited commercial emails and texts from New Zealand businesses to the Department of Internal Affairs. They will have a fake backstory, family, friends and job.

  • These offers are not genuine.
  • Fake gift cards and survey scams account for more than half of all social media attacks.
  • Money in these scams is often the proceeds of crime.

Microsoft will never call you without you having first contacted them. Pay them after responding to my advert There are many different types of advance payment and advance fee scams. Unwittingly, the seller forwards money direct to the scammer who promptly disappears. Scammers can convincingly imitate the logos and communication style of trusted companies.

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Dating and romance scams

Offers of vouchers or gift cards in exchange for personal information. Scams can come from within New Zealand. NetSafe's Chris Hails said that international research suggested the real extent of the problem could be much higher, with many victims unwilling to admit what had happened. Mobile malware is on the rise as more people take up mobile devices.

Internet dating scams

But eventually Michael's story turned dark. These blackmailers can be individuals working alone, but there are also highly organised criminal groups profiting from sextortion. These scammers are trying to get payment or personal details from you. Legitimate organisations will never ask you to do this.

Internet dating scams

Webcam blackmail and sextortion Webcam blackmail and sextortion has evolved as a new way to blackmail people online. Some scammers are more than willing to play the waiting game before getting a pay off. You can employ some standard precautions to stay safe. Safe investment tips external link - Financial Markets Authority See an example of an investment scam on our case studies page.

Common online scams

Phishing scammers will contact a large number of people in the hope that some of them will fall for the scam. Did you notice anything on this page that could be improved? Government grant scams are simple in nature. And while the small size of tablets and smart phones make them convenient, it also makes them easy to lose and steal.

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It demands you pay a fine in order to restore normal access and functionality to your computer or mobile device. But if someone you met online eventually asks you to send or receive money, stop and think. See examples of money mule scams on our case studies page.

  1. Scams and how to avoid them Wondering if that email or phone call is a scam?
  2. See an invoice scam example on our case studies page.
  3. It confirms your address and makes you a target for more spam.

Online safety for New Zealand

To help us get a fairer deal for all New Zealand consumers you can make a donation. This category is a catch-all that includes goods of dubious value bought online as well as malicious online adverts and computer hacking. Then they create an imitation invoice that looks like a real one, but with different payment details.

Figure out if you are being scammed and what to do about different types of scams. Every scenario is different. Your details can be used by scammers to spend or steal your money. It also pays to check whether organisations at the other end will accept the vouchers. Immediately delete the email and block their email address.

About two years after her husband, Norm, died, Kabak began internet dating. These people requesting payments can be intimidating, aggressive and even threaten legal action. They do this through email, social media, dating websites and other website and apps. Romance scams occur when a scammer pretends to be in a relationship with someone online in order to scam them out of money. Take a job where I receive money, keep a portion and send the rest Money mule scams ask you to receive and move money or contraband, eg stolen goods.

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